What factors into the price of a Christmas tree?


The tree fields require regular mowing. The small trees need sunlight to thrive and if the grass gets too long they can struggle to get enough.


While we strive to maintain natural looking trees, shearing is required. All of our trees are hand pruned, one at a time. It is time consuming but we feel it yields a better Christmas tree. 


The weather can be tempermental. Luckily, we have irrigation piping to allow for watering the Christmas trees during bouts of hot, dry weather.


We re-plant in order to maintain a sustainable supply. Christmas trees only grow on average 8 to 14 inches per year. Interval planting keeps a wide range of stock. 


As with any other plant, growing hearty Christmas trees requires proper nutrients for optimal growth. 

Equipment Maintenance

From tractors to shears and everything in between, anything with moving parts needs regular attention. Maintaining our equipment helps us keep our Christmas Trees in proper order.